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                Sailing The Dream, The Querencia Chronicles
    The paperback cover. Paperback available from the publisher, Amazon, or any real bookstore… our favorite edition is the ePub edition!
This classic, true sailing adventure is available as an ePub for the iBook® App, or as a paperback.
A best seller in Hawai‘i in 2000, it has grown into three editions and a global audience.

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Inspired by
Thor Heyerdahl
and the epic voyage
of Kon-Tiki,
Doc went to find
truth on a 34' boat.

By Dr. John F. McGrady
384 Pages, 56 Images
As of April 2015 Doc polishes his second best-seller.

Stay tuned to find out what came next!

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In July, 2010 the sailing adventure Sailing the Dream, 3rd edition, was released for the iBooks App in iTunes®, available in the iBookstore® with world wide distribution.
If you enjoy stories of bluewater sailing this iBook® or paperback is surely to be enjoyed. Cruise the Pacific aboard Querencia; hear sailing tales of the San Juans, Canada, the entire West Coast of North America, a 40 day passage into Polynesia - the Marquesas, anchoring in Bora Bora for a season and sailing Hawai‘i’s islands.
Sailing the Dream also touches on the metaphysical aspects of life, living life deliberately, Polynesian history, and is full of humorous and thought provoking yarns.
First published in November 1999, Sailing the Dream quickly became a best seller in Hawai‘i and somewhat of a classic cruising tale internationally. The second edition was published in February 2009. In July of 2010 the first electronic digital edition was created for the iBookstore®.
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Sailing The Dream outstanding combination of true sailing adventure and personal philosophy. The author held me spellbound through each adventure and experience… excellent content and literary expression. I absolutely felt like I was there and was involved in each experience. I strongly recommend the book for anyone who enjoys adventure, good writing and dreaming a dream.”
                                                            —Sockwash, 2011

Sailing the Dream on the iPad is so wonderful... every word can be looked up in the dictionary, bookmarked, not to mention, chewed thoroughly...


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