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Download Hawaiian Legends recordings by Ka‘upena here
On March 22, 2011 Speak Hawaiian Place Names version 1.1.1, for iOS, was released in the App Store on iTunes®.
Touch a place name and hear native speaker Ka‘upena Wong pronounce it on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Ka‘upena is a National Endowment for the Arts national heritage fellowship winner celebrating artistic excellence and cultural authenticity and diversity.
We are proud to offer this unique recording of one of Hawai‘i’s most celebrated individuals, who is considered a Living Treasure of Hawai‘i.
Over one hundred-sixty carefully chosen place and street names are presented along with definitions, proper Hawaiian diacritics and the correct audio pronunciation when touched. Most place names are found on all islands, in addition to O‘ahu. Emphasis is on quality and heritage.
Version 1.1.1 features a touch index to jump quickly between place names alphabetically. It also supports autorotation.
For pronunciation try to remember to sound every letter of Hawaiian individually. A is "uh" as in above or "ah" as in father, E is "eh" as in bed (soft) or "ay" as in they, I is "ee" as in police, O is "oh" as in vote, U is "oo" as in true. The glottal stop (‘okina) is an interruption as in "oh-oh."
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