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"I love and appreciate the product…" - S.D., Los Angeles, CA 1/19/2014

"It’s super!" - J.T., Honolulu, HI 2012

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               Over 6,400 entries!
                      Over 600K characters!

"With the new version this app went from good to great. It’s a really good learning tool and reference resource and a steal for the price. Highly recommended." -- U.R. 4/2012

Not just another pretty pink kitty App, the Touch Hawaiian Pocket Dictionary is full of serious facts, trivia and reference! Fun too!

Perfect fit for the Hawaiiana "braniac."

Made in Hawai‘i by COCONUT INFO
Working in the Hawai‘i community and public and private education since 1986, with the support of recognized kupuna. Respectfully recognizing accomplished writers, graduate and post-graduate scholars. For more info click here.

Visit to learn more about our apps and publications for iOS devices. You may be interested in our alternative fonts for Hawaiian language.
NEWEST: Now Shipping: Version 1.5.6 (6/24/16)  

Hawai‘i Developer Coconut Info has released the very latest version of the Touch Hawaiian Pocket Dictionary for iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad® and iOS in the iTunes® App Store. Fully tested for iOS 8 & 9; a comprehensive piece of work that’s full of interesting facts and reference.
Packed with encyclopedic references, this Hawaiian Dictionary features live searching in English or Hawaiian. Searching with the macron and the glottal stop enabled. Tip: If you are going to search in Hawaiian you need to know how to spell in Hawaiian.
More of a browsing encyclopedia rich in content; if you are looking for a simple single word look-up you’ll find way more than that here.
The database is large and search results change as you type. With Live Search you just start typing a few characters in the search bar and stand back and behold! (No need to type in the entire word or phrase you are looking for.)
Imagine also… you can search by subject. Type in a term, such as "hula," or "fish," or "endangered" or "anatomy" and get all the entries on that particular subject search instantly.
Truncate searches if you wish. EXAMPLE: If you want to search for a query like "cave" and do not want "cavern" returned, throw a space in after "cave ". (You can also add a space before your input string to help narrow your search.)
Remember to single tap the status bar to jump scroll to the top. From the top you can search again.

This handy status tap scroll-to-top not only works on the Touch Hawaiian Dictionary but any App on the iPhone!
Status Bar
You can search in Hawaiian or English, all from the same search field. Dismiss the keyboard by tapping the "Search" button or the "Cancel" button on the search bar.
For pronunciation try to remember to sound every letter of Hawaiian individually. A is "uh" as in above or "ah" as in father, E is "eh" as in bed (soft) or "ay" as in they, I is "ee" as in police, O is "oh" as in vote, U is "oo" as in true. The glottal stop (‘okina) is an interruption as in "oh-oh."
For more help with pronunciation see our apps with audio, Speak Hawaiian Places and Speak Hawaiian Phrases, both talking Hawaiian dictionaries.
To search with a macron (kahakō) over a vowel in Hawaiian tap and hold down the vowel on the iPhone keyboard until the accent options pop-up, including the macron.
To search with an ‘okina (‘u‘ina) over a vowel in Hawaiian tap and hold the apostrophe on the iPhone keyboard and the ‘okina will pop-up, as well as other options for the apostrophe.

Use Accessibility and Voice Over and have the definitions read to you.
Over half a million characters in this database. Take time to learn how to use the App for maximum pleasure.
Enjoy and know we are constantly working on IT; the database AND the interface!

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Making software in Hawai‘i in the shade since 1986
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